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Administration Directory
Kim Mohler Executive Director Ext.112 202-846-7672
Ravion Wynn Education Coordinator Ext.110 202-846-7671
Erin N. Silvan Assistant Director-Enrollment Ext.121 202-846-7721
Felicia S. Smith Operations Manager Ext.119 202-846-7674
Room Extensions
Lambs 1: x 117 202-846-7669
Lambs 2: x 128 202-846-7718
Ducklings 1: x 122 202-846-7670
Ducklings 2: x 127 202-846-7717
Bunnies 1: x 118 202-846-7673
Bunnies 2: x 125 202-846-7720
Penguins 1: x 115 202-846-7667
Penguins 2: x 124 202-846-7724
Pandas 1: x 114 202-846-7666
Pandas 2: x 126 202-846-7716
Butterflies: x 113 202-846-7665
Rainbow Fish: x 116 202-846-7668

BCDC is located in an office plaza building at the corner of Wisconsin and Van Ness Streets. While our address is on Wisconsin Avenue, the entrance to our building is located on Van Ness Street. There is limited parking adjacent to our building and some on-street parking available on neighboring side streets. We are a seven to ten-minute walk from the Tenleytown Metro Station.

Our Business Address:

Broadcasters’ Child Development Center
4200 Wisconsin Avenue, NW Ste. LL-01
Washington, DC 20016

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Please call or email us today to schedule a tour. We can work with your availability to make an appointment. A tour will give you and your child the opportunity to meet the teachers and view the classroom.