Committed to Great Childcare

With more than 40 years of service to our community, we are one of the most experienced childcare centers in the DC Metro area.
Building long-standing relationships with local families is at the heart of everything we do here at BCDC. We would love for you to join us!
Copy of ACEADF0E-3AC8-4911-8EB8-A1D20994EFD1 Top Curriculum
We use an award-winning evidence-driven curriculum that makes classroom play a transformative learning experience.
Many of our teachers have been employed with BCDC for more than 10 years, and several others have been with us for more than 25-30 years.

Our Classrooms

Infants (6 weeks to 15 months)
Staff to child ratio is 1:4 or better!
Lambs (6 weeks to 12 months) are in two classrooms of 8 babies each. Ducklings (7 months to 15 months) are our mobile infants across two classrooms of 8 babies each.
Bunnies (13 to 18 months)
Staff to child ratio is 1:4 or better!
Children must be walking on their own without assistance and taking 1 nap per day.
Penguins (18 to 24 months)
Staff to child ratio is 1:4 or better!
Two classrooms of 8 children.
Pandas (24 to 30 months)
Staff to child ratio is 1:4 or better!
Twelve children
Butterflies (2 ½ to 3 ½ years)
Staff to child ratio is 1:6 or better!
Mixed age group of fifteen children.
Rainbow Fish (3 ½ to 5 years)
Staff to child ratio is 1:6 or better!
Our Pre-K students, around Eighteen children.

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Wonderful Place for Learning

BCDC is not just a daycare center; we’re an environment where even the tiniest learners are free to explore, grow and make friends. We inspire learning in several ways, but here are just four of them:

Full Day Program
High Teacher : Child Ratios
Fun and Varied Curriculum
Indoor and Outdoor Play

What Parents Are Saying

My husband and I are first-time parents, so we’ve needed a lot of support with learning what is and isn’t developmentally appropriate for our little girl. As members of the BCDC community, we not only receive parenting support from the staff, but we have also bonded with other parents. We learn and share tips and techniques with them all the time. We feel incredibly lucky to be in such a loving and caring community.

Stephanie Borges Folarin


Our normal hours of operation are Monday-Friday 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

We currently have limited spaces available!

Please contact BCDC to see if a space is available in your child’s age group by phone (202-846-7721) or email Erin Silvan, Assistant Director: [email protected]

Waitlist applications can be submitted online. Click here to apply.