BCDC is a Creative Curriculum® learning program. The Creative Curriculum® is the country’s leading scientifically based, comprehensive curriculum for programs serving children from birth to age 5 and defines the path our teachers take to help our children learn and grow. Teachers develop play-based lesson plans that focus on social-emotional, physical, cognitive, literacy, math, science and technology, social studies, art, and English language development. Beyond our Curriculum, three core beliefs guide our play-based approach.

Children are unique.
Every child is an individual with different, strengths, interest, skills and needs. In order to get know each child as much as possible, BCDC assigns each child a primary teacher within their classroom. Primary care relationships foster strong bonds and attachment that allow teachers to authentically learn about each child. All teachers use Teaching Strategies Gold to gather and access ongoing observations on their primary children.

Variety fuels a love of learning.
BCDC provides children with rich, varied experiences within a consistent daily schedule in order to help them achieve developmental milestones and become enthusiastic learners. Classrooms are set up to provide a safe, fun, loving, developmental learning environment. Defined sensory, dramatic, art, building, and other thematic areas in the classroom promote exploration and learning. Children also make use of the playground twice a day and explore their surroundings through frequent nature and neighborhood walks.

Learning is a partnership.
BCDC develops a partnership with each family, working together to support the child’s optimal development and learning. BCDC has an open door policy for parents and caregivers. Teachers meet formally with parents twice a year to learn how well their child is growing in developmental areas as well as on an ad hoc basis throughout the year.


BCDC enhances our play-based curriculum with enrichment programs. Enrichment classes vary year to year and are included in the tuition rates. Typically, we offer classes in Spanish, Music, Yoga, and Soccer with all instructors being fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

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