Board of Directors

BCDC’s volunteer Board of Directors serves as the governing body of the nonprofit corporation and has fiduciary responsibilities, such as approving each year’s budget that sets tuition rates and staff compensation. The 13 member board consists of the Executive Director, a staff representative, and 11 parent and community volunteers. The Board welcomes and encourages your feedback throughout the year: email the Board Chair at

2020-2021 Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Andrea Gosselin, Chair*

Andrea Brian, Treasurer**

Marianna Mermin, Secretary*


Andrew Paciorek*

Emily Strait*

Jennifer Bird*

Margie Yeager**

Elyse Greenwald*

Jonathan Smallridge*

Shari Rose*

Penelope Crocker*

BCDC Administration Representative

Kim Mohler, Executive Director

BCDC Teacher Representative

Cehon Davis, Pandas Teacher

*BCDC parent

**BCDC alumni parent and community member